- by Paul Street

London Marathon – Club Ballot Draw Rules.

To qualify for a place in the GRR club ballot, undertaken each December, the following rules are to be adhered to:

  • The club membership year runs from 1st April – 31st March each year. The Annual Membership subscription period for GRR is formally notified as 1st – 30th
  • You MUST have joined or renewed your Annual Membership subscriptions to Gosport Road Runners with affiliation to England Athletics (UKAA) no later than 30th April each year in order to be eligible for the opportunity to enter the club ballot draw for a VLM running club place.
  • You should; when requested submit your official VLM public ballot rejection letter or email.  The rejection letter or email MUST depict your name. Please note the VLM magazine or a slip of paper with your name written on will not be accepted as confirmation of an unsuccessful VLM public ballot entry.
  • Members, who have previously been successful at gaining entry to run the VLM through the club ballot draw (held each December), will not be permitted to reapply for a club ballot place until a period no less than 5 years has been served. (There remains no restriction to entry to the club draw if you have had a VLM public ballot place over that period).


If you gained a club running entry to VLM during the club ballot draw in December 2012, (running the marathon in April 2013); further applications would not be accepted until December 2017 for the marathon held in 2018.

Allocation of Club Ballot places:          

GRR is currently only allocated one VLM place, so everyone with a rejection slip that meets the criteria above will be entered into the draw.  The allocation of the space will be as below.

Number of Club Places Details Runner
 ONE All entries will go into the club draw and whichever gender is drawn out will have the Runner place.



The Committee reserves the right to review this scheme periodically and any changes that affect the membership will be notified accordingly


Did you receive a lovely magazine from Richard Branson with a rejection slip in it or a rejection Email from the organisers?? If so don’t despair there still may be a route for you into the London Marathon.  Keep hold of your rejection slips and rejection emails, write your name on them and give them to Sue, Rachel or Ben at the running club.

GRR are now only allotted one club place in the VLM, the draw for theses places takes place after the winter handicap. All eligible runners who meet the qualifying criteria and have handed in their rejection slips will be placed in the hat for the draw.

The details will be posted here in the very near future.


If you want to contact any of the committee regarding any matter about your club then go to the committee webpage and send them an email.

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