London Marathon – Club Ballot Draw Rules.

To qualify for a place in the GRR club ballot the following rules are to be adhered to:


If you gained a club running entry to VLM during the club ballot draw in December 2012, (running the marathon in April 2013); further applications would not be accepted until December 2017 for the marathon held in 2018.

Allocation of Club Ballot places:          

GRR is currently only allocated one VLM place, so everyone with a rejection slip that meets the criteria above will be entered into the draw.  The allocation of the space will be as below.

Number of Club Places Details Runner
 TWO One Male and one Female place will be drawn. Female

The Committee reserves the right to review this scheme periodically and any changes that affect the membership will be notified accordingly


If you want to contact any of the committee regarding any matter about your club then go to the committee webpage and send them an email.